Paddington at Night

Today, I’m so grateful to be walking around London. Last night I went to a favourite place just behind the post office in Paddington. Its like a canal with modern apartment blocks towering into the distance.

I remember the nights sitting there, waiting, contemplating and thinking something HAD to happen in my very mundane life. The lights in the very high apartment blocks switched on and off like a 70s disco checked floor.

These lights reminded me that someone was still living. Also it reminded me just what a lonely place cities can be.

While walking around, the hymn “All is well” came to me and has stayed with me, reminding me there is nothing to fear.

There is a great peace, yet a slight sadness in that place.

Remembering Abdur Razak


One thing I always loved about Arab people is their culture. They have the innocence of Children yet the tenacity of hope. Unlike us, very cynical brits.

On the corner of Edgware Rd and Sussex Gardens London W2 during the 2000’s Abdur Razak from Libya was always on this corner defending Islam. It was a summer mission post for Christians to offer free resources to the Arabs and it became a great place to exchange thoughts and religious ideas.

As the Christians had set up a book stall, Muslims set up their own table to defend Islam right next to it.

He went on to preach at Speakers Corner every Sunday but his voice changed after an operation.

After the 2006 tube bombings, the tables vanished. The picture shows that large empty space. In these covid years its unlikely they will ever return.

I never knew what happend to Abdur Razak, maybe someone can tell me.