An Unfinished Poem,

Gently on piano keys or,
strung upon the harp,
strummed upon the guitar strings or
words said from the heart,

A colder breeze in winter time
or withered flowerless briar
all are made to break your dreams
and draw your thoughts much higher

An Ocean beach in times more calm
At home with people stern
A tempest storm or healing balm
Higher thoughts that you must learn

Ne´er upon life´s empty shores
no matter how it seems
For going to reach a better place
you have to break the dream

A Very Curious Song

The other day I found this song from the 1990s which I haven´t  “watched” in a long time. Its a video-clip and is very telling about our experience of life  and how we perceive that experience.

Roger Sanchez – Another Chance

So a young lady is walking through the streets of  Los Angeles (or another US city) carrying a massive heart. No one wants her, she tries to get on a bus, get in a taxi, go to a cafe and she is refused because they cannot accommodate her heart and she gets a bit sad, lost and alone.  As a result, the heart starts to shrink and it gets so small that she finally carries it under her arm.

At this point she meets someone who asks her in a date and as they say goodbye, the heart starts to grow. The man looks back and sees the huge heart and is saddened because he does not want a commitment and is not ready to receive a person with such a big quantity of love (a large heart).

This is what happens when we think that another person “owns” or can give us love in quantities.








#christianscience #poem

I just wrote this:

Back and forth with branches swaying,
A breeze it sweeps upon the leaves,
Bringing man to stations higher,
Than at first he did believe.

Touching first the ruffled feather,
Of rested birds within their nests,
Then stripping through the thickened treetops.
Bringing leaves, autumnal rest.

Gently stirring garden blossoms.
Harshly pulling tidal seas,
Taking man to places heavenly,
Than he could e’er first believe.

Rampant storms with winds much stronger,
Bring fragile systems to their knees,
And mankinds spirit shines much stronger.
Than e’er he could first believe.

#sundaymorning #poem

Broken dreams and heartfelt sorrows,
Always help mankind to grow.

For deep beneath the ground is stirring,
Tiny buds beneath the snow.

Pushing through the glasslike ices,
Pulling down the water earned.

Comes a bloom of lovely colour.
For which the man has long since yearned.

When words of friends and foes despise you.
Give a thought to budding spring.

For far beneath your pain and sorrow,
A bird ls waiting to take wing.

A strain upon a lyre harp #poem #christian

A strain upon a lyre harp
sweeps a sound so low
That only those who gather round
Can catch its sweetness flow,

A strain which speaks of suffering
A woman’s heart is torn
As she watches martyrdom
For her son she mourns

A strain of sadness at the tomb
She searches for her dead
An angel pointing to the skies
Which dawns a crimson red

A strain upon twelve tender hearts
Who sit in upper rooms
And still the strain plays out its tune
From sadness of the tomb

A strain upon a sepelchre
A white robed body lay
The saviour rises, then appears
The rock is rolled away

A strain it sweeps his Mother’s heart
With gladness, faith and joy
And plays its tune eternally
For all who will enjoy

The strain is never ending
Through time and space it plays
The bloodied fingers of our saints
Keep it playing today.