Glengarnock Steel Staff Magazine 1925

Two of these pages (not related) are carrying stories about Wilson Anderson and his promotion and flowers.

Other names:

Robert Corbett

John Thorburn

Fred Dickie leaving for Sydney

Robert Dumphy, George Reid, John Hamilton, John Knox, Andrew,  McGookin, Jamieson, McGhie, Kerr, Graham. Faulds, Frame. Ross, McBlane,  McLeod, Reekie, McBlane, Brennan.

Poem by Thomas Miller.

There are also a number of other names about Glengarnock Bowling Club.






Glengarnock Steel Works Staff Magazine 1924

Names Mentioned:

Page 1: Alexander Campbell emigrating to New Zealand, Frank Fraser, Adam Porter.

Page 2: John P Ritchie,  R C Robertson, A. Beckett, Mrs Wm. Jamieson, Mrs R. Sibbald, Mr Wm Hynd,  WH Aiton, Tucker Wilson, Lizzie Clark, James Calderwood, James Shaw,  John Anderson, Geo Hope, Frank Henderson,  Wm Reddick,  Mrs Neil Campbell, James Watson. Mr Welsh, Miss Craddock, Hunter Thomson.

Page 3:  James Shaw, WW Miller (printer) A Jamieson (Stationer). T. McCabe. J Dobbie, A Welsh,  A Calderwood, W Munro, H Campbell. A Moodie, J Hamilton, Tom Kane.

Page 4: Fotheringham, Welsh, Bray, Dobbie, Bray, W. Kircaldy,

Page 5: Artcle beginning by Jim Gibson.